Cool and Refreshing Tap Water Using Under Counter Coolers

The climate of Dubai, the most populous and important emirates of the United Arab Emirates is predominantly subtropical desert with very mild winters to scorching hot summers. Temperatures in Dubai have risen to as high as 50 °C in 2019. Temperatures between 35°C and 46°C are ideal for bacterial growth. Although the water quality leaving the plant is good and as per the drinking water standards, there are several factors resulting in an increase in temperature of tap water. The pipe network for the water distribution system in Dubai is mainly composed of plastic or PVC/PE (Polyvinylchloride, Polyethylene).

Studies have indicated that increasing temperatures tend to decrease the pressure capacity in water main lines. Additionally, the high temperatures result in the release of warm or hot water from cold water taps/faucets making it unpleasant and difficult for drinking and cooking purposes. Therefore, water cooler dispensers provide an effective solution to this problem. This article discusses the benefits and types of water coolers.


The necessity and importance of cold water is quite apparent during hot summer days. Needless to elaborate, most people quench their thirst by drinking either plain or flavored cold-water beverages. The main advantage of drinking cold water is that it lowers your core body temperature which can be very essential in the following scenarios:

a. During extremely hot weather such as observed in Dubai

b. During exercising, cold water is a great post-workout drink

c. During high body temperature due to fever

d. During weight loss regime as cold water has been proven to boost metabolism

Water cooler dispensers facilitate the above benefits for places such as Dubai where the provision of cold water during summer becomes a challenge.



There are several types of water chillers available in the market today. However, under-sink chillers are the most popular option. These units can come with an in-built filtration system such as reverse osmosis treatment and are connected in-line under the sink. Clean, filtered, and cold water is dispensed through the faucet which can be used for cooking and drinking purposes. These units treat a large volume of water (approximately 2000 gallons). The compact design makes it easier to fit under the sink and comes with an adjustable thermostat to help change the water temperature per convenience. Provision of cold water is especially imperative at healthcare facilities where bacterial growth cannon be permitted due to high-risk and low immunity populations. Water cooler units can be very useful in maintaining an adequate temperature for healthcare facilities.

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