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The water quality in the emirate of Dubai is one of the best owing to the advanced treatment technologies implemented in the city. Dubai has the largest desalination plants in the UAE producing over 140 million imperial gallons per day of treated water. Although the water quality leaving the plant is good and as per the drinking water standards, there are several factors that cause some water quality issues in the distribution system. The pipe network for water distribution system in Dubai is mainly composed of plastic or PVC/PE (Polyvinylchloride, Polyethylene). Several studies have concluded that plastic pipes enhance the concentration of biofilm production and thus facilitate growth of bacteria. Another factor contributing to bacterial growth is high temperatures that are prevalent in Dubai.

Temperatures between 35°C and 46°C are ideal for Legionella growth. Temperatures in Dubai have arisen to as high as 50 °C in 2019. Rust (iron), scale, and other microorganisms can also promote bacterial growth. In addition to pipe networks, water kept in storage tanks for prolonged periods without adequate cleaning and disinfection can lead to bacteria and other microbial growth. Chlorine, a potent disinfecting agent that neutralizes pathogens such as bacteria, virus, protozoa, and cyst is commonly used for drinking water treatment purposes. However, excessive concentrations of chlorine can result in undesirable taste to drinking water. Therefore, filtration systems provide effective solutions to these issues.

This article discusses the product specifications, filtration technology, and applications of the high flow filtration system from 3MTM – HF40 that is best-suited to resolve the drinking water issues prevalent in Dubai.


The 3MTM High Flow Series Cartridge Model HF40 is an excellent filtration system that provides consistent high-quality drinking water. The HF40 model is NSF certified for Standard 53 for cyst reduction. It helps remove pathogens such as bacteria, viruses, cysts and particulate matter (sediments) up to 0.2-micron size. These filter models have proven to be effective in removing up to 99.99 percent heterotrophic bacteria. Most importantly, it helps reduce taste and odor issues caused from excessive chlorination in distribution system as discussed earlier. The High Flow HF40 model can treat large volumes of water up to approximately 94,000 liters per filter and provide flow rate of 9.5 liters per minute. The filters can be operated at temperatures as high as approximately 38 ℃ which is higher than the annual yearly average temperature of Dubai.


The 3MTM High Flow Series use a specific type of treatment technology called Integrated Membrane Pre-Activated Carbon Technology (IMPACT) to achieve pathogen removal and to treat taste and odor issues. This technology combines filter membrane with premium activated carbon to provide excellent throughput and enhanced cartridge life.

Activated carbon filtration process is one of the most widely used filtration techniques to remove a broad range of contaminants from drinking water such as chlorine, natural organic matter, volatile organic compounds, pesticides, and petroleum related compounds. Activated carbon can be particularly very useful in removing the unaesthetic attributes (undesirable tastes and strong odor) of drinking water caused by excessive chlorine residual present in the distribution system. The highly porous media of activated carbon particles provides large surface area to adsorb contaminants and provide clean treated water.


The high flow rate and the large treatment capacity for the 3MTM High Flow Series HF40 model makes it suitable for a broad range of applications from multi-family household drinking, cooking, and cleaning purposes to beverage industry (for cafes, bars, restaurants, etc.).

The 3MTM High Flow Series include Sanitary Quick Change (SQC) encapsulated cartridge design that reduces media contamination during replacements. The product label and operating manual provide specific instructions on cartridge replacement frequency. However, it is mostly between 6-12 months depending upon the local water quality and actual use of the filter capacity. A drastic change in water taste or reduction in flow rate is a good indication for filter cartridge replacement.


3M Carbon filters are highly effective in removing pathogens and treating taste and odor issues. water filter is one of the exclusive suppliers and consultants for 3M™ Water Filtration Products, particularly the 3MTM High Flow Series HF40 model. water filter helps our customers by giving suitable recommendations for organic matter removal and to resolve taste and odor issues. Our technicians will help with the installation of the recommended filter products. We are dedicated to offering the best solutions to meet the drinking water requirements of your home.


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